Modern Medication


Tapering off Drugs

The prevalence of antidepressant drugs may surprise some people because they can be used to treat a variety of illnesses and symptoms. Many people believe they can simply stop taking them when their symptoms disappear, but that is unwise with many of them. Tapering off drugs is important when it comes to this particular class of medications. There can be grave side effects for those stopping completely without their doctor’s supervision.

There have been incidents where people have stopped their medication without side effects, but many have rued the day they made that choice. Those given antidepressants have found sweating, shaking, and nausea are only the beginning of their journey when they choose not to taper off gradually. Their body is reacting in a manner best suited to its individual needs, and the side effects can include heart palpitations and even more serious damage to their systems.

It is important to note that this does not point to these medications as addictive. The body is receiving more of a shock reaction from stopping suddenly than it is craving the substances within the drug. It has been given a palliative effect for the symptoms, yet complete removal sends an erroneous message to the reactive forces in the body. The need for the drug may be unnecessary to cure a symptom or illness, but the body is unable to withstand the lack of a substance that has been supplied on a regular basis.

Tapering off is a good way to create a series of small steps the body can handle when a particular drug is not needed. It reduces the chance of having a shock reaction, and that can keep a person living a healthier life. Avoiding what can feel like an addictive withdrawal may not appear to be that important, but keeping the body functioning smoothly can help return it to full health without further need of medication or emergency treatment.