Modern Medication


Read the Label

Treating common symptoms does not always require a visit to the doctor’s office, and some medications are available without a prescription. These medications have been deemed by authorities to be safe and effective when taken properly. One issue with them is that people forget to read the label before taking them. They may have used the medication before, or they could simply assume there are no side effects or medical issues that could result. This thinking is erroneous, and it is important to know what the label cautions are before using it.

Some medications available without a prescription should only be taken for a limited time. They are often used to relieve temporary conditions. Taking them more than the few days or weeks recommended on the label could cause further medical issues. It may seem silly to read the label on something a person has taken since they were young, but pharmaceutical companies often make changes every few years as new information comes to light.

While non-prescription medications may be readily available, they may not be good for every person. There could be an allergic reaction that few people experience. Labels often list these reactions, and many of them urge a person to immediately take action if they have one or more symptoms. It can be the difference between life and death in some cases, so this label information should be read and noted before taking any dosage.

Body weight often has a significant impact on how much medication a person requires. There could also be differing doses recommended for age. The label instructions often include this information, so taking the time to ensure the proper amount of medication is about to be taken could alleviate the symptoms better. Using medication properly is a responsible act that requires the person to read and understand label directions to obtain the most relief possible with the least amount of medication.