Modern Medication


Developing a Tolerance

Going to the doctor’s office on a regular basis can become a habit for some patients, and they may push for a prescription every time. Their regular doctor may try to dissuade them, so some of them change doctors to get what they want. These people are often short-changing their own health by developing a tolerance for prescription medication. That is one end of the scale, yet there are those on the other end who may have issues. These are the people seldom visiting any healthcare professionals, and they have little or no tolerance for today’s strong medications.

The person always seeking a prescription may be a hypochondriac. They need a drug much less than they need to figure out why they want it. Their idea of the perfect doctor’s visit may be complaining about a mild ache and receiving a bottle of pills in return. It may start out as a harmless bid for attention, but they can eventually build up a tolerance for many helpful types of medication that will affect them far into the future. Their bodies may not be able to throw off future illnesses with anything but the strongest medicines available.

At the other end of the spectrum are those who seldom take medicines at all. Their bodies have seldom been inundated with any drugs, and they may be unable to tolerate a regular prescription strength of any drug. It can be a difficult situation when it comes to finding the right medicine for them, and they should let their doctor know how little medicine they have taken over the years. It can help them avoid a more dangerous drug reaction due to the body’s lack of ability to cope with a normally mild substance.

There are many ways drugs affect patients, yet their own history can work against them in the arena of prescription drugs. Letting their doctor know how much or how little medicine they have taken over the years is just one part of building up a suitable tolerance without going overboard.