Modern Medication


Pushing for a Prescription

There are many temporary medical conditions that do not require a prescription, but there are patients holding on to the belief every problem can be solved with a pill. They may have nothing more serious than a severe cold or the flu, and they could be pushing for a prescription simply to make them feel something is being done to alleviate their symptoms. Many doctors have begun to push back on this issue, but there are some of them willing to write prescriptions.

The medical community as a whole has recognized the need to stop writing unnecessary prescriptions, but some patients are willing to go through a number of office visits until they find a willing doctor. While it may satisfy them when they get what they want, the use of prescription medication that will not alleviate symptoms or cure a particular ailment can be dangerous. Taking unnecessary medications can weaken the body, or it can strengthen a virus or bacterial infection that may become incurable in the future.